magic (magicmitsuki) wrote in phonepost,

Help... :(

I've tried to phone post twice, and neither of them has shown up (I posted them earlier in the morning yesterday, and they still haven't appeared).

I picked a number and a pin, and it allowed me to leave a message, and it confirmed and told me it would be posted soon... but they never appeared on my journal. The number I'm using to log in to the phone post thing isn't the number I'm calling from (it is my home number, and it's the one I set up as my number when I chose my pin), but according to the FAQ, this is not a problem because it's for identification only. I haven't had the chance to try from my home phone yet, and I've never done phone posts before, this was my first time.

Anyone know what's wrong? And... where could I get a caller ID? When you call it asks for a caller ID OR the number. I've been using the number, but maybe a caller ID would work??

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no, what it means by caller ID is that when you call from the original number (specified when you first selected a number and Pin number)the number your calling to has caller ID for identification. YOU dont need the caller id. other than that im new at phone posts and i dont know how to help you. I hope you have/will figure(d) it out.

LOL... I asked this question nine months ago. I've done several phone posts since then. The problem was that I didn't have a paid account. lol